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Hyperion is so much more than Point-of-Sale. Hyperion brings together all of the essential services necessary for a client-based retailer to effectively run a business. Hyperion eliminates the hassle of searching for services from various, nonintegrated, 3rd party vendors along with providing the security and efficiency of never again having to go without them.

Hyperion includes POS, CRM, CMMS, Equipment Control, Digital Advertising, Video Surveillance, Access Control, Alarm Notification, and HVAC Control.

Smiling woman using Hyperion POS terminal

What is Hyperion?

Hyperion is a client based point of sale system that is uniquely designed for businesses that have extensive client interaction at the front counter. Tanning salons, hair salons, fitness studios, wax centers and any retailer that wants to maintain and track sales under a client profile.



First and foremost, Hyperion was created by retailers to make their businesses more manageable and more successful. Most other point of sale (POS) products are created to make a software company more profitable, not the retailer. Hyperion is designed by actual business owners who understand the ever changing marketplace.

Retailers desperately need one solution that can manage all the critical aspects of their business from the front counter to the back door. Only Hyperion offers all the tools a retailer needs to run their business with one system.

Hyperion brings together your wish list under one application and one log on. POS, video surveillance, access control, alarm notification, digital advertising, e-commerce and an amazing SMS texting platform that will dramatically increase your bottom line!

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Here is a summary of what our hardware and software provides for our clients.

Point of Sale

Innovative hardware, complimented by intuitive software accessed through the cloud.

Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on business in real time, or view by past dates.

Access Control

Remote Security with our cloud-based Access Control solutions

Employee Scheduling

Powerful work scheduling software, feature rich, with sms and mobile push alerts to keep employees current

HVAC Control

Dynamic temperature control, real time monitoring, and system alert safety measures

Equipment Control

Hyperion's proprietary hardware bridges your equipment together with software in effective and modern ways

Digital Advertising

Hyperion can send ads to our touch screen monitors based on any demographic information and/or buying history imaginable


Monitor trends, observe sales by demographics, record information per relationship. Know your consumer


Track the everyday maintenance tasks of your business with ease


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