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Make Your Job Easier With Hyperion's Employee Scheduling System

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Scheduling Software Features:

  • Real Time Scheduling. No lost work, everything is captured as you create it. Post it to your employees when you're ready!
  • Employee empowerment. Request time off, attempt to drop/trade shifts. Your employees have the tools necessary to communicate their availability and you have the control to administer it.
  • Preemptive Alert System! SMS messaging to alert employees their shift is coming up, or a change has been made to their schedule. Whatever you change, they will know.
  • Quickly SMS alert your employees if time is available and needs to be filled. Our system is extremely communicative!
  • House Shifts! Not sure who can cover a certain time of day? House Shifts give your employees the ability to pickup extra shifts that work with their personal schedule and help your store stay manned.
  • Intelligent time control! Make less mistakes and not miss a minute of coverage. Once you set your store hours, our software will monitor and check to make sure that every second is accounted for!
  • Federal Holidays and custom holidays, you control everything when it comes to days your store is open or closed.
  • Speed! Create schedules fast and accurately. Create a template from an existing schedule. Load one or multiple templates to one schedule. Our system is flexible and our template scheme was developed to schedule fast!
  • Advanced branch structure to cleanly separate different business departments. One store, many branches, endless schedules!
  • And much more, as well as more to come!

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