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Point Of Sale

Hyperion at it's core is a POS system and it is what we do best. Many of Hyperion's features are cutting edge and years ahead of our competition. Hyperion uniquely offers a dual touch screen POS terminal so that customers can interface in many engaging ways with our system. Hyperion also has a setting that activates Kiosk Mode. This enables a self-serve opportunity for customers and allows for your employee's time and resources to be distributed more effectively. Our dual screen terminal eliminates the need for paper membership agreements and paper receipts. It also guarantees that employees won't forget to collect required documents and signatures that may be necessary for your business. On top of that, customers will be able to see and approve every charge or purchase on the screen in front of them as well as respond to suggested sales opportunities that you can program whenever and to whomever you want.

Customer Resource Management

Our CRM module offers one of the most sophisticated Customer Relationship Management systems you will find in any software. Every client metric imaginable is stored so that you can reach out to your clients via text messaging or email based on any number of combinations between personal demographics and buying history. You can sell and chat by text with any short code or long code you own.

Computerized Maintenance Management System

Our software comes equipped with a versatile, cloud-based CMMS platform that enables you to track the everyday maintenance tasks of your business with ease. Our system handles work orders and maintenance requests with various types of reporting to spot problem areas and "lemons" within your inventory of equipment. All maintenance vehicles are tracked in our system so that you know which technician to send if a high priority request comes in through our system. You can even plan your crew's routes in advance based on priority analytics that you define.

Equipment Control

Hyperion has created a proprietary device that will allow you to control almost any electrical device that you charge services for. Tanning beds and spray machines are digitally controlled via the combination of Hyperion and our Hyperion controller. Most devices currently on the market are ancient with very limited digital intelligence.


Our employee scheduling feature is an advanced, real-time solution for all your scheduling needs. To read about its many capabilities visit our Free Work Scheduler information page/

Digital Advertising

Our digital advertising module is nothing short of incredible. Hyperion can send ads to our 23-inch touch screen monitors based on any demographic information and/or buying history imaginable including "high net worth" credit card holders. Customers can simply view ads or immediately make purchases by touching the "Buy" button on the screen. Hyperion will then automatically hit the credit card token in the cloud and instantly email or text the client a receipt for confirmation.

Access Control

Eliminate the need to ever use keys again. You can control all of your door's access points with the same user interface and password that you use for all other Hyperion modules. Employees can be added or deleted simply by setting them up in your employee database. Hyperion will automatically turn off a terminated employee's access privilege. No need to log into another system which means you won't ever accidentally forget to turn off a fired employee's access. Hyperion will continue to track any attempts former employees make to enter any of your facilities and automatically warn you.


Hyperion has the critical functionality of video surveillance. From one login point and one login password you can quickly monitor or review any situation that has occurred. You can keep data for as little as one week or as long as one year.

Hyperion quickly allows you to review any transaction with the simple click of that record from the client's history. This is an enormous time saver as well as a great way to really see what happens between your staff and your customers.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Control

Once again, from the same access point and same password as all of our other modules, you can control as many HVAC units as you prefer. Not only does Hyperion send you the standard "too hot" or "too cold" warnings via email and/or text, it also has a very unique feature called "Green Mode". This advanced software setting is intelligently designed to know, based on the outdoor temperature, if you can shut your system down when the last employee clocks out. Hyperion is the only POS software on the market that includes this HVAC control feature.

Software Pricing

Hyperion is so much more than just a POS system. With it's many features and capabilities it can make some of the most grueling and tedious aspects of managing your business become as easy as a few clicks of a button from your dashboard. Make your life easier and your business more successful by signing up with Hyperion today. Our monthly price is only $199 per location with no limitations on number of employees, administrative accounts or other features that our competitors make you pay extra for.

If you'd like to try out our scheduling software and get an idea of how easy our programs are to use then visit our Free Scheduling Software information page and sign your business up for your free access. We'll also keep you updated on any new features or technology we add to our Hyperion system.

For further questions on pricing, software, hardware, specs, capabilities or any other inquiries please visit our Contact Page to reach out to customer support.

  • Basic
  • $ 199 / month per location
  • $1000 per location ($10,000 minimum)
  • Text Messaging $.01 - $.03 per text
  • Credit Card Processing $.03 - .05 per swipe


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